Small Apartments

  • 27 sqm Studio Apartment in Sydney

    This 27 sq meter (290 sq ft) apartment in Sydney’s suburb of has an amazing modern design that provides it with lots of free space as well as all the necessary features and zones like kitchen, storage, and bedroom. Studio Apartment in Sydney

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  • Apartment Overlooking Bay Of Naples

    Apartment overlooking the Bay of Naples belongs to imagemaker and a fan of art Mary Mashiopinto. Overhaul of a 200 square meter apartment in a house built in the 70′s lasted for four years. Luxury Apartment in Naples

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  • Outstanding Apartment Design Influenced By Art Deco

    There are so many unique and outstanding apartments in big city downtowns all over the world. Most people refuse designing their apartments and lofts in a classic way using pastel color scheme. It seems that it became popular to be extraordinary. Luxury Apartment in Art Deco

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  • Small Apartment Design in “Disco” Style

    A young girl wished her apartment to be designed in disco-style. The 60′s and 70′s of the last century are known as a period of famous music bands that gathered thousands of young people to enjoy music and dancing. This period has been taken as a basis for the interior of her small apartment. What does apartment need to look like a club?

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  • 21 Square Meter Apartment by MYCC Architecture Office

    This unique urban retreat has an area of only twenty one square meters and a volume of one hundred cubic meters. There is a single person who stays and works in such limited place. 100 m3 Project by MYCC Architecture Office

  • Small duplex in Japan

    This house was built for two families by Japanese Hidehiro Fukuda Architects studio. It has only 152 square meters but has everything essential. Small Duplex In Japan

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  • 29 Square Meter Apartment In Poland

    3XA Architects redesigned a 312 square foot (29 square meter) apartment in Poland to make it more spacious. 29 Square Meter Apartment Design

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  • Cute 49 Square Meter Apartment in Sweden

    This cute 49-square-meter apartment in Sweden may lack space but it’s full of color and personality. Small Apartment in Sweeden

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  • 36 Square Meter Apartment in São Paulo

    Brazillian architect Alan Chu designed a 36-square-meter apartment in São Paulo. 36 Square Meter Apartment Design

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  • Small Loft In London

    This loft in London designed by Craft Design features only 56 square meters of space. The small abode that had to be converted into living space with all the necessary rooms and amenities turned out simply great. Small Loft by Craft Design

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  • Renovation: Small Studio Apartment In Paris

    ‘Appartement Spectral’ is a small studio apartment in Paris that was renovated by Betillon / Dorval-Bory. Small Studio Apartment Renovation

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  • Small Apartment – Fun House By Studio UdA

    Fun House is a curious project by Studio UdA’s Andrea Marcante and Adelaide Testa that turned a small apartment into a beach house. Fun House By Studio UdA

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  • Remodel Project: Small Apartment In New York

    This one bedroom apartment in New York was remodeled by Manifold Architecture Studio into a more convenient living space. Small Apartment In New York

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  • 60-Square-Meter Transformer Apartment Design Concept

    Architect Vlad Mishin created a cool design concept for a 60-square-meter apartment in a transformer style. Transformer Apartment Design Concept

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  • Small Spaces: An Apartment For Space-Age Lovers

    This 715 sq ft apartment (66.4 sq m) is a renovation project by Dash Marshall. The minimalist white interior is designed to keep everything hidden making for a futuristic home finished with white glossy surfaces and pops of light wood and black accents. An Apartment For Space-Age Lovers

  • Small Apartment Design: Green On White Studio

    Tomasz Jasinski designed an 80 square-meter apartment in white and green hues cramming in the eat-in kitchen, the office and a dining room. Green On White Studio Apartment

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  • Madrid Apartment: Fusion of Styles

    If you can’t decide on any particular decorating style for your interior, one of the options might be the fusion of styles! Tiny Madrid Flat

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  • Space-Saving Ideas: Transformer Apartments

    ‘Transformer’ apartments have become quate popular latetly as they allow having more areas in one room. Transformer Apartments Make More Room(s)

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  • Small Apartment Design by Suto Interior Architects

    This 430 square feet (40 square meter) apartement designed by Suto Interior Architects is the epitome of style. Small Modern Apartment Design

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