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Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

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Continuing the hi tech theme, we would like to talk about another furniture item in hi tech style – a chair. There are various hi tech chair designs adn concepts for lounging, working, relaxing and gaming but remember with top notch gadgets it’s more important than ever to buy home insurance.

10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

Surf Chair

Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

Designed by Kenneth Lylover Surf Chair is a workstation that looks like a lounge chair with a hanging monitor and a row of cushions fixed to the seat. The design has wone the “Best Product” at Scandinavian Furniture Fair 2000.

Emperor 200

Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

A $44,750 hi tech Emperor 200 chair with a touch-screen control center and three 24-inch LED screens is a futuristic seat that also features an air filtration system, electric-powered leather seat and light therapy. And it’s not all! The chair also features a THX surround system and a motorized adjustment.

Energy Pod

Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

Energy Pod chair by Metronaps is a hi tech lounge chair that suits great for offices. The $ 8000 pod chair has a reclined position just for lounging during lunch hours and a dome-like hood to provide a resting worker with privacy.


Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

GO! chair by Rizki Tarisa is not just a chair or a workstation. It’s both and some more. The futuristic model includes a retractable table for a laptop and here’s a twist – a bike. Workout while you lounge and work while you exercise. An ultimate multipurpose hi tech wonder!

Organic Workstation

Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

Organic Workstation has no table and features a sleek design that has all you need to be able to work. Designed by Stevie Miles Brewu the workstation is equipped with an ergonomic chair, keyboard holder and a monitor.


Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

Amniosense chaise lounge designed by Emanuele Rodella in collaboration with an architect Paolo De Lucch. The chaise lounge features electrostatic loudspeakers, a cylindrical subwoofer,  a touchscreen LCD audio control panel, video and LED lighting. Can connect to iPod and Wi-Fi.

Hitech Chair

Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

Hi Tech Chair is a design concept by Brijen Parmar that imagines a hi tech seat equipped with a triple screen monitor, easy touch keyboard that can be rolled away when not in use, and a wireless mouse and 3D Connexion mouse for Engineering Design Professionals.

Maya Single Chair

Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

Maya Single Chair is a concept design by Studio AV is quipped by 26 or 32-inch television screen and two 60W speakers and a sub. The medi chair is just right for immersing into virtual world or a favorite movie after a long hard day.

Gadget Chair

Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

Gadget Chair design by Jamie Martin features multipurposeness and gamer-friendly features like integrated game consoles and computer, TV/PVR and video/audio playback and retractable wheel for playing games. In terms of comfort the chair imagines an integrated back massager, cooling and heating features and, of course, adjustable back support.

@-space Media Chair

Top 10 Hi Tech Chair Designs & Concepts

@-space Media Chair by BeeB features a 19-inch LCD display,  a 2.1 speaker stereo system and a wireless keyboard and mouse. The fold down monitor can be retracted for media-free rest.

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