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Lyfe is a Levitating Rotating Planter

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We live in a time of amazing scientific advancements in every field of human life. And interior design reflects that by employing slick shapes, vibrant colors, and often almost improbable decisions in a way saying “look, we can do whatever regardless of it’s practicality”. You can call that a way to hurry into the future. A weird concept if you think about it.

A planter by Simon Morris called LYFE is, in my opinion, an embodiment of that concept. A polygonal planter that levitates by means of a magnetic force between a planter and its stand. Moreover, it rotates to expose different sides of the plant to the sun, but, let’s be honest, it wasn’t made for any practical purpose, as it exists to be a part of an ultra modern home design, so you can feel like future is here and now.

Levitating Planter That Rotates


Lyfe planter

Lyfe levitating planter

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