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Bambi Wallpaper For Fashion-Conscious Interiors

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Okay, the title might be a bit misleading or rather conflicting because we’re not talking about the Disney’s Bambi, but this fawn hide wallpaper that can easily draw associations with the favorite children’s character thanks to its realistic look.

Brown Fawn Wallpaper

Brown Fawn Wallpaper

Images via Hunted Interior

This is the first animal hide wallpaper we’ve seen that looks so realistic. Usually, the print is obvious, but this one is close to natural, which, honestly, causes a bit of unease. (Anyone else?)

But perhaps this realistic hide texture is part of its charm and does provide an unusual and luxury feel just like this staircase runner.

Fawn runner

Blue Zebra wallpaper

If you are a fashion-conscious decorator who loves animal prints, this wallpaper could definitely translate it into your interior design. Though fawn print isn’t as popular (yet?) as, say, zebra and cheetah.

Zebra can be really overwhelming a pattern, but used sparingly or in less contrasting tones it creates a luxurious fashionable look. A feature zebra wall is a great way to accentuate your work space and turn a boring home office into a stylish modern place.

Brown Zebra wallpaper

Dalmatian (also called cheetah) print has been the latest craze and well-deservedly so. The print is less imposing than zebra and looks surprisingly well in smaller places (like powder rooms), but still it’s better to keep it on one or two walls rather than covering all of them.

The black and white gorgeous wallpaper makes a case for bright accents that nicely contrast and stand out against it.

Black and White Cheetah wallpaper

Dalmatian wallpaper

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