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27 sqm Studio Apartment in Sydney

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This 27 sq meter (290 sq ft) apartment in Sydney’s suburb of has an amazing modern design that provides it with lots of free space as well as all the necessary features and zones like kitchen, storage, and bedroom. The light and airy abode is both functional and aesthetically pleasing thanks to clever design and contrasting colors.

Studio Apartment in Sydney

Small apartment in Woolloomooloo, Sydney

Photography by Katherine Lu 

The owner of the apartment wanted some flexibility in the design and the Australian designer Nicholas Gurney has delivered plenty of that. The design is modular to an extent. The storage and bookcase are hidden behind the sliding door that also disguises the sleeping zone, which also features bookshelves and storage space.

The kitchen that is divided from the rest of the space only by its color is stylish and minimalistic. It doesn’t take much space, which allows for the apartment to be pretty spacious.

The color scheme was inspired by the Mighty Mouse, a fictional superhero character from the 40’s. While the most of the interior is painted white bright colors like red and yellow are used to demarcate different zones like those for sleeping and reading.

Thanks to the numerous windows the white interior makes the room feel light and spacious while the strong bright accents make it look interesting.

The modular interior is just one of the solutions for small spaces. It is also quite challenging. Here the zones open and hidden with just a motion of a sliding door, which allows for easy access to storage as well as other areas. The owner also has an option of adding mobile or folding furniture to the living space or just keep all the free space from clutter.

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