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White Kitchen Design Ideas

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White kitchen might not be the most practical design solution but it can certainly be a beautiful one. Today we show some interesting white kitchen designs. White color scheme is like a blank page that you can decorate as you want adding splashed of vibrant hues in accents or furniture. An all-white kitchen or any room for that matter can be a bit boring so let’s see how one can jazz up this pure sheet with accessories and neutrals.

White Kitchen Design Ideas

Bright Pops of Color

When you have an all-white kitchen it is easier to pick colors and hues that won’t conflict with any other because white can withstand any shade. Want wooden window frames and cabinets? There you go. Bright red tableware on display, towels and decorative bowls? Your call. Shortly speaking choose any of your favorite brights, neutrals or pastels and finish your kitchen with them.

Practical Side

Since the most of your kitchen will be white you need to be as practical as possible while choosing materials of finishing, furniture and anything else design-related. Because white shows off all stains and gets dirty pretty quickly you need to be able to clean it all fast and effortlessly.


Since kitchen is a cooking area that get dirty fast you need smooth surfaces that are easy to clean. The paint or wall coverings should have waterproof properties and be washable. If you cook often then upholstered furniture can be replaced with the firm furniture or be kept separate from the cooking area.

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