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Designer Grows Crystals on Chandeliers

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Chandeliers are usually creative with their looks, shapes and materials, but once in awhile we get something so unusual that it’s hard to say whether it’s too much or a pinnacle of uniqueness. Overgrown collection by Mark Sturkenboom strikes me as very unique in both idea and execution. What he did was, he grew crystals on top of gold-coated chandeliers for the purpose of them looking like chandeliers that spent many years on the bottom of a sea.  A notable thing is that he made a fluid for crystal-growing himself.

So what can you do with those interior-wise? Well not much, admittedly. They’re too bulky and irregular for any even half sophisticated room, but what it does is open an avenue for water-centered interior. For instance, if you have a big aquarium, you can fill the room with antique looking accessories to complement such a chandelier. Beyond that, I think that this product is very limited in use. Though it is nothing if not unique.

Crystallized Chandeliers by Mark Sturkenboom


chandelier crystals



candle holder

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