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Is This The Smallest Apartment You’ve Ever Seen?

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This 8 square meter (86 square feet) apartment designed by Kitoko Studio is probably the smallest apartment we’ve seen to date.  We’ve written about many, but this small apartment certainly takes the cake for being the smallest yet. A functional 8 square meter apartment is actually a maid’s room in a Haussmann building. Designed by the concept of a Swiss Army knife (small size, many functions) the apartment includes such amenities as private shower and small kitchen.

Smallest Apartment Is Just 8 Square Meters

8 square meter apartment by Kitoko Studio

Photography by Fabienne Delafraye

So what else can we see in this tiny living space? Well, its inhabtant won’t be able to throw big parties due to lack of space but there is a kitchenette and a table fit for two in there. A large floral patterned wardrobe doubles as a bunk bed with lots of storage options. It also disguises a stylish tiled bathroom with shower and vanity sink.

Everything can be hidden from sight including the sleeping area that’s built into the big floral closet. The dining table is a removable part of the closet that also houses stools. Overall, this is maximum functionality packed into minimum space. It’s interesting that the apartment has natural lighting source in form of a small window, which is great since that small of a space can feel claustraphobic without any view of the outside world, a true closet. Thanks to natural lighting the light interior doesn’t feel too tight.

The studio has done an amazing work not only to improve the maid’s room appearance but also make it completely independent and truly functional. It’s amazing how such little space can house so many functions. Bravo!

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