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Moroccan Inspired Living Room Design Ideas

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Moroccan interiors have a very rich and architectural design. There is carved wood, patterned window frames, high ceilings and mosaic. If you want to create a living room design in Moroccan style you can still take some elements from the Moroccan style and achieve the style-inspired decor. Think prints and patterns, Moroccan pouffs and side tables, ottomans and patterned throw pillows.

Moroccan Inspired Living Room Design Ideas

Color Scheme

Changing a color scheme is an easy way to carry the style and give your old living room a makeover. Choose colors that are found in Moroccan style to create your own Moroccan living room design. Blue, gold, green, red and orange can be balanced by neutral white colors and dark wood.

Low Couch

To create a truly Moroccan living room opt for a low set of furniture. A low-set couch and coffee table will create a cozy seating space. Add a plush patterned rug or carpet to the floor and have cushions ready to seat more people. The patterned upholstering will add dynamic to the room as well as mark its style. You can also update a regular couch by upholesting it with Moroccan style patterns.

Plush Pillows

Bright colorful throw pillows are great accents in any decor but here they also create the atmosphere of the Moroccan style. Create a vibrant look with patterned or bold throw pillows. A coffee table can be replaced with a spacious ottoman or a pouff and a tray.

Moroccan Style Living Rooms:

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