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Google Home is Both Creepy and Fascinating

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Google Home is a new home system that just came out to compete with Amazon Echo with its rumored facial recognition system and Google’s powerful search algorithms behind it to answer all of your questions. Previously named Chirp, this little helper that looks like a modern computer speaker is set to answer questions, pull up the data about your music and lighting preferences, and much more.

Google Home system

But how does it compare to Echo? Well, from the looks of it, it can do almost as much as Amazon’s device such as regulating thermostat and lighting in the house, tracking flight status, adding a calendar event, playing music, and so on. It is also rumored to feature a face-tracking camera to recognize the people or person in the room and set their preferences.

In terms of look, though, Google Home is customizable with its two-toned futuristic shape while Amazon Echo comes as a black tube-like speaker.

We will have to wait till the end of the year or even 2017 to see what else Google Home has to offer, but until then this is just a comparable alternative to Echo.

Amazon Echo speaker

See Google Home At Work

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