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Niches in Modern and Ancient Styles

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The idea of niches dates back to Ancient times when they were very common for displaying art like sculptures, vases and other things in Roman homes. As a consequence they were rather common in Christian buildings and served almost the same purpose. Later falling largely out of favor, niches became almost obsolete. The problem is that in modern times the kind of small art like sculptures isn’t as popular, and all sorts of devices for cleaning and entertainment were kinda bulky so small niches weren’t really needed.

Niche lighting

That said though, in 21t century as devices are getting more and more compact more people start recognizing that niches don’t only work with antiqua but can also be used in a modern style. Beyond just purely practical application of storing things like your phone or maybe pictures near your bed, they work surprisingly well as bookshelves, giving your home library a very sophisticated feel. Painting inside the niches or ambient lighting give a room more dimension. And if you’re hurting for some floor space niches work better if you look to at least visually enhance your interior.

And, of course, if you’re not on board with the whole modernist look, there’s always an option to go back to the source, and use a more prominent Ancient style, adding a few small sculptures and vases.

Entertainment area niches

Colorful niches with lights

Niche with light and vase

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