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27 Square Meter Apartment in Australia

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Small apartments are always fun to look at. You can always be sure you’ll find some intersting small space solution. 27 square meters is sure hard to design but an architect Brad Swartz offers some geart ideas on how to do it. A studio apartment was redesigned as one bedroom for a couple to enjoy a private space as well as plenty of storage.

Small Apartment in Australia

Bedroom entry

Now the studio apartment has a living space, a dining area, and a kitchen aside from a bedroom that can be completely disguised with a retractable wall which acts as a door and also holds a TV set. The other end of which, by the way, disguises the bathroom.

The divider wall hides multiple shelves to accomodate even a modest wine collection. Made in white it contrasts with the black kitchen which a mirror backsplash that visually enhances space by reflecting the living room and the two windows.

Dividing walls with storage is one of the most functional ways to create separate areas in a small home, eventhough it has its drawbacks like making tiny boxy rooms. But there are certain trade off as with everything. This apartment shows that it’s not that bad and in this case dividing the space only benefited it.

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