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Stylish Garage Conversion by i29 In Amsterdam

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i29 have done it again. The architecture firm has transformed a former garage in Amsterdam into a stylish modern abode full of light and stark contrasts. Staying true to their minimalist modern style i29 team has played with a contrast between white space and black furnishings. Natural wood details break the monochromatic color scheme and rare green accets add color to the interior.

Garage Conversion in Amsterdam


Ewout Huibers photography

230 sq meter (2 475 sq feet) space painted white is filled with light from skylights and glass walls. The living area is open to the hallway, which leads to a cool glazed eating area framed in black. The kitchen is located just a few stairs away from the living room and includes a small dining area. The kitchen island also serves as a breakfast counter while the whole wall is occupied with wooden cabinets

The spacious while walls are decorated with sparse artworks. The furnishings are minimalistic and even a bit retro-like. The rug in the living room is particularly interesting as it features green patches on an off-white background that resemble moss.

A garage is a great place to make a studio, home office, or even a whole apartment. A conversion must be thoroughly calculated as such premises usually have a peculiar structure. Here the space doesn’t even look like a garage with its beautiful skylights and spaciousness. The areas are clearly demarcated but the open layout keeps the space airy.

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