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There Are So Many Ideas In This Small Apartment In Kiev

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This 40 square meter (430 square feet) apartment designed by Elena Fateeva is full of interesting small space design solutions and decor ideas. Just take a look at that open living room cleverly divided from the kitchen with a breakfast/bar counter, which has an oven and a hot plate built inside of it with some cool lighting fixtures.

Small Apartment in Kiev

Living room

The wall with a slightly exposed brick goes through the whole room contrasting with absolutely gorgeous black wood floors. The white wall and the kitchen cabinets make for lots of storage room all the while reflecting light from two glazed balcony entries.

The bedroom features raised floors that add storage space to the dwelling. The decor is minimalistic here as the room itself is pretty small. The hallway and the bathroom echo each other with big mirrors that visually enhance space and green patch of grass that adds an unexpected fresh accent to the decor. The hallway is partially done in wood that repeats in the bedroom and the kitchen counter making a great combination together with the grass.

What do you think about this inspired small apartment?

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