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5 Kitchens That Look Different

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Kitchens are pretty standard but lately the trend for unconventional design transformed the modest room into something more. Sophisticated furniture, vintage pieces, molding, and lots of free space make the kitchen look not simply designer but completely different. The first impression of these five designs is that they’re something else.

Living Room Style

Sophisticated kitchen design

For instance, this one has unusual everything, from wooden parquet floors to high molded ceiling to long fancy curtains. The lighting is more artful than functional, but the tall window allows that. The upper cabinets are non-existent while the metallic appliances and hardware add a touch of luxury to the picture.

Art Deco

Sophisticated kitchen

Furniture here isn’t very ornate or intricate but it sure is tasteful and high quality. The chandelier. silverware, and a metallic industrial sink work surprisingly well together, while the monochromatic tiled floor reinforces the Art Deco style presence in the room.

Made of Stone

Unconventional kitchen

An all stone kitchen might look cold and museum-like, but a velvet seat chair and a rainbow rug soften the impression. A flower-shaped chandelier makes for a playful accent echoing light blue walls.

Industrial Minimalism

Gray kitchen design

This kitchen isn’t industrial chic, it’s industrial minimalism. Huge windows resemble those of a factory’s, grey walls and rope lights make a clear style statement, while the marble tabletop dining table is there to soften and gloss over the harsh simplistic industrial look.

Rusty Red

Rusty red kitchen cabinets

The color in this kitchen is out of this world. When you think you saw everything, right? Black provides a nice sharp contrast while adorable green stools look make for refreshing and unexpected accents.

What do you think about these kitchen designs?

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