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21 Square Meter Apartment by MYCC Architecture Office

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This unique urban retreat has an area of only twenty one square meters and a volume of one hundred cubic meters. There is a single person who stays and works in such limited place. Designers used the height of the building to put everything that the owner needs into this tiny apartment.

100 Cubic Meters Project by MYCC Architecture Office

100 m3 Project by MYCC Architecture Office

Bedroom and working area

Designers from Spanish MYCC Architecture Office decided to name this project 100 Cubic Meters. This apartment is located in Madrid, Spain. It has a longitudinal shape. The height of the space is used to contain a large number of rooms that are limited by side but in turn they are all visually connected to each other. Even the bathroom is in sight. Designers accommodated the entire list of necessary rooms, each with its own characteristics and specific proportions. The idea was to locate different rooms at different heights from which one could go/almost jump from one to another.

Each unit provides a number of slopes for going from one room to another. If you are going to the kitchen, you have to go up and if you are going to the bedroom, you have to go down. These slopes help to separate areas from one  another.

The house, in spite of its size, seeks to be generous in its spaces and the number of rooms offered. From the central space, which is also the living room and the bedroom, you can go to the sunny sunroom with an industrial staircase, which can function as a study or chill, and a few small steps lead to the bathroom, oversized and luxury built-in bathtub.

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