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Small duplex in Japan

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This house was built for two families by Japanese Hidehiro Fukuda Architects studio. It has only 152 square meters but has everything essential.

Small House for Two Families in Japan

Japan duplex

Japan duplex

The idea was to build a house that will fit two generations. Creators wanted everyone who enters this house to feel the mood of a child living with his parents. The final look reminds of a bungalow where the owner spent his childhood. He wanted to live in this a little nostalgic mood of the time when he was a boy.

The ceiling and part of walls were designed with a “Paper crane”. In Japan there is a tradition to give ”origami cranes” to loved ones, wishing them a long life. So “Paper crane” is symbolizing a happy and long life.

Other walls are painted white. In designers’ opinion it stimulates the brain and generates new ideas.

The windows are small and placed chaotically on the walls and ceiling. The roof looks like wings of the bird. From the road the house reminds of a bird just before it takes off to fly away, and from the garden it looks like a bird that is preparing to land.

Two buildings are connected by the corridor, but they don’t lose their independence from each other. It was made with an intention to keep privacy of two families that live there.

This house is full of diagonal lines, the buildings are located diagonally to another one. Architectures say that it was made on purpose to make it available to transform into a bigger space if it will be necessary in the future since this house represents a home not only for one generation.

The house surrounded by children’s park and garden make a final stroke to the family-oriented home.

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  1. Monnaie Says:

    Beautiful and variety ceiling, Good looking!

  2. anatoliy Says:

    Cool design. Ceilings especially.

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