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This Hong Kong Apartment Is Tiny But Boasts Gym And Home Theater

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Architects of LAAB have ‘reconsidered residential space’ for this 28.7 square meter (308 sq ft) apartment in Hong Kong to fit home theater and gym, a bathroom with a tub, and even a guest bedroom. Remember we wrote about transformer apartments? Well, this tiny home works by the same principle. On the surface it’s all clean and organized but in reality it hides all kinds of good stuff inside. For example, one of the beds can be used as a second tier during movie night with friends. Hidden storage in the floor allows to declutter the space making it feel bigger and lighter. The built in ceiling lights evenly distribute the light bouncing off the light wooden floors. Even kitty litter is neatly hidden away in a bathroom cabinet.

The architects used the philosophy of ‘form follows time’ in order to make it more versatile and multipurpose and the results are amazing. What do you think?

 30 Sq M Hong Kong Apartment Boasts Gym And Home Theater

Hong Kong apartment

Tiny apartment interior clad in wood

Hong Kong apartment home theater

Two-tier home theater seat with a 4k TV

LAAB apartment guest room

Guest bedroom for short stays

Hong Kong apartment

Hidden storage

Hong Kong apartment TRX

Place to work out

Hong Kong apartment kitty

Hong Kong apartment kitty

Kitty litter hidden in a bathroom cabinet

LAAB smartphone

App-controlled smart home technologies

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