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Interior Renovation with Door Stickers

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Doors are an integral part of the interior of any home. They must be able not only to open and close, protect from noise and prying eyes, but also be pleasing to the eye. Today the standard doors that lack a uniqueness can gain a whole new look.

Effortless Interior Renovation

Vinyl door sticker

Vinyl door sticker

Door stickers are adhesive stickers that allow you to create a little secret in any room. Any door to the next room is always a kind of a secret. Vinyl stickers for the interior are not expensive and easy to use, so you can apply them anywhere: on doors, cabinets and lockers, on refrigerators, ceramic tiles, and wallpaper.

Door stickers are a great start for exploring this wonderful technology of interior decoration. If you do not like the result, you will be able to remove them very easily. Stickers are made with adhesive film, and you can stick them on any surface, whether it is glass, metal or wood. Door, wall and furniture stickers are fashionable and original trend in interior decoration.

Vinyl door sticker, Escalator.

Vinyl door sticker, Escalator

Decorative stickers will decorate the entrance door to the nursery, the bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom. Modern vinyl wall stickers have many advantages, but their main purpose and mission is to let you unleash your creative personality with minimal effort and expense. If your doors are not perfect, they have scratches, chips and dirt, door stickers will easily fix it.

Door stickers come in different sizes. Stickers for interior decoration are produced in a variety of topics and styles: baby stickers, pop art, funny inscriptions, soft elegant, romantic, and in opposite, dark, gothic prints, etc. The door can become the focal point of the whole room instead of being just a gateway between two rooms.

Vinyl door sticker, Old door

Vinyl door sticker, Old door

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  3. chuck Says:

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    Hi I want order this vinyl old door sticker . If you could kindly advise me how much is it and how to order it plus how can I pay for this . With regards Joanna

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