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Apartment Overlooking Bay Of Naples

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Apartment overlooking the Bay of Naples belongs to imagemaker and a fan of art Mary Mashiopinto. Overhaul of a 200 square meter apartment in a house built in the 70’s lasted for four years. This apartment is equipped with a “smart home” system. The interior is filled with vintage and antique furniture. Designers – Giuliano del’Uva and Francesco Faraone.

Outstanding Apartment Design In Naples

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They say that Neapolitans are superstitious and believe in the magic of numbers and worship the hottest of all the Italians, the Vesuvius volcano. And like most Southerners, they honor their traditions and history, in spite of the modern pace of life. So are the architects Giuliano del’Uva and Francesco Faraone. In their work they are trying to abide a strict principle, at least in some small details, but always make an accent on history, characteristics, and culture of the place where the object is.

For an imagemaker and a fan of art Mary Mashiopinto they created an interior design, which shows history of the city in black and white photographs of local landscapes and ruins hanging on the walls – works of Neapolitan artists Luigi Spins and Luciano Romano, and some replicas of ancient finds from the Archaeological Museum of Naples.

The house where the apartment is located was built in the 1970’s and has its own history too. Seveties were tough for Italians – at that time the country was experiencing rampant riots, forces fighting each other and the government and, as a result, a surge of terrorism. All of that would bother people until the beginning of 1980’s.


As I said the overhaul of a 200 square meter apartment lasted for four years. The process was delayed because Mary required careful attention to all the details. Most of the shelves and cabinets were built into the walls so neatly, you would think that they have always been there.

One of the main features of the apartment is the “smart home” system. It doesn’t just magically change the lighting of the premises, but is also able to perform virtually every owner’s whim.

The best part of this apartment is a breathtaking view of the Bay of Naples. It opens up from the entrance hall, from the dining room, living room, and the kitchen. By the way, the kitchen has a small terrace on which the owner likes to enjoy breakfast and smell the sea breeze.

See Naples and die. But in this apartment you just want to live and admire the mystical city.

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