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Micro Apartment Buildings Are On The Rise

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Population growth creates more and more living space demand and since space is limited affordable micro dwellings are surging in big cities like New York. We’ve shown you the apartements inside New York’s first micro apartment complex but there are even smaller (and cheaper) dwellings out there that will definitely take on as a new architecture trend.

Surge Of Affordable Micro Apartments

SmartSpace micro apartment complex

SmartSpace SoMa is San Francisco’s first prefab micro apartement complex with 23 studio 295 sq ft (27 sq m) apartments, a public outdoor hang out area, and a bike parking lot. The apartments feature kitchenettes (some full kitchen with dishwasher) fold out beds, and a six person dining table that folds to give room for a Queen-sized bed. Big windows let plenty of light in while the mirrors visually enhance space.

Rhode Island mall micro apartment complex

Look inside Rhode Island mall’s new apartments

Even a historic building that was a Rhode Island mall was redesigned and reused as a micro-living complex with 48 dwellings on top floors and shops at the ground floor. The $550 rent and a Greek Revival style facade certainly attracts tenants who have a waiting list to go through before they can move into one of 225 to 450 square foot (20 to 41 sq m) apartments equiped with everything one needs for comfortable living.

Micro apartment complexes

WeLive, Crystal City, The Panoramic complex, Latham Hotel Project

These new projects are currently under realization by WeWork, SoMa’s Panoramic Interests, and Pearl Properties who intend to turn Latham Hotel into 144 living spaces at around 330 sq ft (30 sq m) each.

What do you think about living in a micro apartment? What is a shoe box size when it comes to living to you? And how much living space are you willing to give up to live in a city?

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