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The SleepClean Pillowcase Kills Bacteria With Silver Threads

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A new startup Silvon are creating bacteria-resistant pillowcases that aren’t treated with chemicals but quiet literally kill bacteria with silver threads. Thanks to silver’s natural bacteria-resistant properties Silvon pillowcase stays bacteria-free even after the 250 washes.

silvon pillowcase

See, the slick silver threads are sewn into the durable cotton fabric that helps the pillowcase to keep bacteria-free as the positively charged silver ions attack and kill them. Silver has been known for its bacterial resistance for centuries and before people used to keep water in silver containers to avoid contamination and put silver dollars into milk for the same reason.

So does it mean you can postpone washing your bedding indefinitely? Probably not a good idea as dust will still settle and dirty it up so aim to get laundry done once in two weeks.

Silvon’s Kickstarter campaign raised over ten times the asking price of 20,000 for production.

silvon pillowcase

silvon pillowcase

See How SleepClean Pillowcase Is Made

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