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Outstanding Apartment Design Influenced By Art Deco

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There are so many unique and outstanding apartments in big city downtowns all over the world. Most people refuse designing their apartments and lofts in a classic way using pastel color scheme. It seems that it became popular to be extraordinary. One of the most popular unusual styles in interior design nowadays is Art Deco. In this article we’ll be seeing an interesting apartment design influenced by this amazing style. But before that let me refresh your memory about it.

.ebony table satin curtains

Art Deco Style In Design

Art Deco is one of the most unusual and exciting decorative styles for interior design these days. One of the essential features of the style is Egyptian motifs that became popular after the discovery of the tomb of Tutanhamon in 1922 and some elements borrowed from the primitive art of ancient Mesopotamia, Africa, and the Indians from Central America. Color scheme of art deco interior differs from others as it’s distinguished by brightness, piercing clarity, sharpness rhythm, whimsical play of colors: ivory, rich brown, and black tones, all shades of gold. Art Deco loves materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, silver, rare wood, and enamel. Rare bright wood, ceramic tiles, mosaics, and stained glass windows are usually used for decoration and flooring of the Art Deco interiors.

silk bedclothes

Art Deco Inspired Apartment

The interior of this apartment in the style of Art Deco is extraordinarily luxurious. This Art Deco interior is represented by expensive materials: mahogany and ebony, brass, gold, enamel, corduroy, leather, silk, satin, steel, etc. One of the main distinguishing features of this apartment’s interior is a high level of comfort achieved through technical innovation: bathrooms and kitchens are equipped with latest expensive technologies.

This style is preferred by people who refuse asceticism and minimalism, excessive restraint, and antique classics. Using vintage decora pieces and unique furniture decor shows us high class status and financial well-being of the owner of an apartment.

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