• iSaloni 2014 in Milan

    The main furniture exhibition iSaloni opened on April 8 in Milan at the Rho exhibition center. Every spring, Milan is transformed and the whole city lives in the rhythm of modern design – the exhibition goes far beyond the space allocated to it See new furniture items from the famous exhibition

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  • “Windows” in Diesel Home Collection

    Kimihiko Okada, an honored architect and interior designer, has come up with a new concept of the interior for a large store Diesel Home Collection, located in the popular shopping and entertainment center Shibuya in Tokyo. See the collection designed by famous designer Kimihiko Okada

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  • Japanese Aesthetics and Danish Functionality

    Denmark and Japan, recognized leaders in the field of design, are in the spotlight. Despite the long distance between the two countries, they are largely similar to their values: simplicity and authenticity are always on the first place.  See the fusion collection from BoConcept

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  • Staircase and Desktop in One

    The staircase is an integral part of many houses. However, in most cases such structural elements occupy too much valuable space inside the building. That’s why there invented stairs with alternating steps. See the multifunctional staircase by Dutch designer

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  • Random8 Chair

    In childhood, many of us have enjoyed playing in the sun with shards of glass – colored shadows excited our imagination. Random8 Chair created by employees of the French design studio Pitaya Design returns you to this simple entertainment. See the amazing chair with colorful shadows

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  • Cool with Wool Felt Stools

    Scandinavian design is usually distinguished by simple lines, nice looking shape, environmentally friendly materials. All this is typical for bright, tactile feature wooden stools from the collection, which is developed in Norway and called Cool with Wool. See gentle collection of stools by Aud Julie Befring

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  • Luft Chair by Volkswagen and Audi Designers

    Chief designer of the Volkswagen Group, Walter Maria De Silva and Audi Concept Design in Munich, together with Italian furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau designed Luft chair. See the luxury Luft chair design

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  • Allusions on Vienna Chair

    Parisian Pablo Reinoso is a connoisseur of fine furniture. He created his first chair when he was seven years old. Over the years, the passion was not extinguished. See creative art installation by Pablo Reinoso

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  • Traveling to Wildlife from Moissonnier

    French manufacturer of vintage furniture and interior Moissonnier showed its new collection at the Maison & Objet exhibition, held at the end of January in Paris. See amazing hand-painted furniture by Moissonnier

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  • Tailored Furniture by Färg & Blanche

    Swedish-French duo of designers Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche presented a collection of furniture Färg & Blanche at the Stockholm exhibition. The designers used a unique technology called Wood Tailoring See unique sewn furniture

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  • Newly-Designed Products from Ligne Roset

    There are three major exhibitions in the field of furniture design and interior decoration in Europe at the beginning of each winter See new furniture items presented by Ligne Roset at the winter fairs

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  • Amazing Furniture Collection of Suitcases

    You will be surprised to find out how helpful suitcases, briefcases and backpacks can be in the interior. Fortunately, while we think of what to do with an old travel bag, designers constantly pushing the horizons of everyday world See unusual furniture collection

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    • Amazing Furniture
  • Maison & Objet 2014 Highlights

    By tradition, the end of January in Paris turned into a Mecca for designers, decorators, architects, interior shops owners, connoisseurs and fans of design. Major furniture brands presented their new products and items at the Maison & Objet 2014. See most vivid items, showed at the exhibition

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  • Recycled Chairs Made of Shingles

    Recycling is extremely popular in the design environment and it is important for conservation of natural resources. Therefore, designs made from waste are welcomed at design exhibitions.  See chairs made of defective shingles by Japanese designer

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  • Cat Furniture by Stefan Hofmann

    Many pet owners say that the real boss in their house is none other than their beloved pet. This is true about cats in particular. See amazing pet’s furniture by German designer

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  • Metal Furniture in Interior Design

    We mostly use wood furniture for interior decoration. It is a versatile option that can make any room feel cozier. However, considering the projects by contemporary designers, you will notice that they often create their designs adding metallic elements See metal furniture in modern interiors

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  • Biomorphic Design by Ross Lovegrove

    Among all British industrial designers, Ross Lovegrove is the most demanded, in spite of such considerable age. He says that at his fifty-two years he could do without working. But, as he says, his time has come just now. See examples of biomorphic furniture design by Ross Lovegrove

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  • Imm Cologne 2014 Trends

    International Furniture Fair Imm Cologne 2014 has once again become a place of presentation of the furniture market novelties. Creativity, naturalness and individuality are the main criteria for interior decoration. See some show-pieces from the Imm Cologne 2014

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  • Furniture for Growing Child

    Children grow up very quickly, so parents need to change baby furniture very often. That is why the convertible furniture is a great solution for kid’s rooms, both for boys and girls. See smart transforming furniture for kids

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