• Original Furniture with Tricks

    Designers surprise us with unusual, creative works. Special attention of sophisticated connoisseurs of modern design is drawn to the furniture industry. Here, the designers do not see any boundaries. See three creative furniture designs

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  • Creative Furniture of Biodegradable Material

    Yasuhiro Suzuki is a Japanese designer who created a collection of eco-friendly furniture. It looks like a work of nature, but in fact it came up and made by a man. See the innovative furniture from Japan

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  • Suprematist Furniture by Kelly Behun

    American Kelly Behun, a prominent New York interior designer, is working on a large collection of furniture Neo Laminati Collection for several years. The collection consists of striped items of most simple geometric shapes and open colors. See the unusual furniture collection

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  • Furniture Inspired by Cornices and Moldings

    Young British designer Lee Broom looks like a classic London dandy (as one would say a hundred years ago), or metrosexual (as they call this type of man in megacities now), but he is still young, he is growing and looking for his place in the world. See his successful furniture collection

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  • Furniture Used in Netherlands in XIX century

    Ventura Lambrate hosted a presentation of the Dutch Zuiderzee Museum exhibition in April. We would like to show you beautiful and elegant kitchen furniture made ​​of wood and ceramics ​​specially for the museum See the replicas of the Dutch furniture from XIX century

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  • Gothic and Rock-n-Roll from Philipp Plein

    Furniture under the Philipp Plein brand won the hearts of a huge number of fans worldwide. Philipp Plein brand exists on the border between high fashion and rock and roll. See unconventional furniture design from Philipp Plein

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  • IKEA PS 2014: Furniture in Constant Motion

    IKEA PS 2014 is a collection of designer furniture and furnishings for mobile people. Creative leader of the IKEA PS 2014 collection is Henrik Most Nielsen. He developed the concept of the new collection and selected the designers for the project. See 7 most interesting furniture items

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  • Legendary Basket Chair Released

    In 1950, Nanna and Jorgen Dietzel designed a wicker chair called Basket Chair, which brought a lot of international awards to its creators. Learn more about the chair and its designers

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  • 5 Iconic Furniture Items of 20’s

    Modernism has redefined our conception about interior and made its excessive contribution to the development of interior design. Modern interior has long been considered a new classic. Items in this style were ahead of their time See five furniture designs in modernism style

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  • Fancy Chairs Reminiscent of Other Objects

    Chair is a compulsory subject in almost any interior. But it should not necessarily look like a chair. The main thing is that it was comfortable to sit in. See three unusual chairs

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  • Ideal Dressing Table

    Dressing table is not just a piece of furniture, where you store your favorite perfume, cosmetics, and jewelry. Dressing table with all the pretty trinkets, necessary useful and beautiful little things is a special place See how to choose a dressing table

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  • 5 Sofas that Became Legends

    Despite the fact that we all know from childhood what sofa is and what is its direct purpose, sofa still remains one of the most exciting and versatile pieces of furniture. See the most amazing sofas, which have become the part of the history of design

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  • 5 Famous Designer Chairs

    What is a chair? This is a subject that accompanies us in life, without exaggeration, every day. The chair, in contrast to the armchair, has solid back and seat. That is why this piece of furniture should be as comfortable as possible See 5 most famouse chair designs

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  • Modular Furniture for Different Purposes

    Times of the standard furniture sets has ended. Now functional modular furniture for the living room, nursery, bedroom and other rooms is getting more and more popular. See examples of modular furniture, which can change its functions

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  • 5 Most Unexpected Items at Salone del Mobile-2014

    Even if the house is fully furnished, you will likely to find a place for a couple of things that can dilute its excessive seriousness and show what is really going on in the mind of the owner See the most seriousless items from the exhibition

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  • iSaloni 2014 in Milan

    The main furniture exhibition iSaloni opened on April 8 in Milan at the Rho exhibition center. Every spring, Milan is transformed and the whole city lives in the rhythm of modern design – the exhibition goes far beyond the space allocated to it See new furniture items from the famous exhibition

  • “Windows” in Diesel Home Collection

    Kimihiko Okada, an honored architect and interior designer, has come up with a new concept of the interior for a large store Diesel Home Collection, located in the popular shopping and entertainment center Shibuya in Tokyo. See the collection designed by famous designer Kimihiko Okada

  • Japanese Aesthetics and Danish Functionality

    Denmark and Japan, recognized leaders in the field of design, are in the spotlight. Despite the long distance between the two countries, they are largely similar to their values: simplicity and authenticity are always on the first place.  See the fusion collection from BoConcept

  • Staircase and Desktop in One

    The staircase is an integral part of many houses. However, in most cases such structural elements occupy too much valuable space inside the building. That’s why there invented stairs with alternating steps. See the multifunctional staircase by Dutch designer

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