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Suprematist Furniture by Kelly Behun

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American Kelly Behun, a prominent New York interior designer, is working on a large collection of furniture Neo Laminati Collection for several years. The collection consists of striped items of most simple geometric shapes and open colors.

Suprematist Furniture Collection by Kelly Behun

Neo Laminati Bench No. 84

Neo Laminati Bench No. 84

The way of Kelly Behun to her own Kelly Behun Studio and global recognition was long. After receiving a degree in economics, she quickly realized that she had chosen the wrong place to learn. After university, the future interior designer worked in the recording industry for a couple of years, then she was a buyer and stylist in the fashion industry for a few years. In 1994 she began working in the Ian Schrager Hotels design studio, where she studied in the team of Philippe Starck, and only in 2008 the designer finally become independent.

With her suprematist collection of chairs, benches, stools, bedside tables and tables, she pays homage to the artists, who greatly influenced her. The striped Neo Laminati Collection is a hymn to creativity of avant-gardists, minimalists and abstract painters, artists, who made bold optical and artistic experiments for their time, especially Michele De Lucchi, Andrea Branzi and Ettore Sottsass, who in the 80-ies of XX century organized the famous Memphis Group.

Kelly Behun Studio is mainly engaged in interior design and rarely creates furniture by itself. So Neo Laminati Collection for Kelly Behan is especially dear. The designer is working on it for several years, constantly adding new items to the collection.

Currently there are already tens pieces of furniture and interior objects, and all of them are a combination of basic geometric shapes in different combinations of pure colors without impurities. All the furniture invented by the designer is suprematist compositions of glossy MDF, chairs and tables in a large black-and-white stripes with brightly colored accents.

This year Kelly Behun diversified her collection with new ethnic prints after returning from Morocco, where she rested and sought inspiration. She transmitted the patterns of traditional Moroccan textiles on furniture, replacing hypnotic stripes and bright open colors.

The Neo Laminati Collection is limited and sold only on pre-order in Suite New York store.

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