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Nendo Creates Bookshelf Perfect For Small-Spaced Homes

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Nendo are the masters of design. Their pieces are laconic and practical and yet fascinating design-wise. The new design that will be presented at London’s Somerset House next week looks like a solid sleek wooden three shelf bookshelf in its folded state. But thanks to its clever design it can double in size or be used in the intermediate state with nine box shelves perfect for display decor.

Nendo’s Extendable Nest Bookshelf

Built with carbon fiber the shelf looks extremely thin, even wispy but carbon fiber is known for its strength so we imagine the look is illusive.

Nest Shelf by Nendo

The small-spaced home can benefit from the flexibility of the design. You can play with the size and even the number of shelves whenever you feel like it without using much of additional space and the need to mount new bookshelves.

The classic wooden finish and sleek design would fit any modern and minimalistic interior. It would even fit those that are leaning towards ascetism because of its neutral design and shape.

We like how easy it is to trasnform the bookshelf. How effortless the transition is. No additional design details or complex mechanisms. Nice and simple. What do you think?

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