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Ceiling Beds For Small Spaced Homes

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So remember all those unusual ideas for small spaces we’ve written about? Like mobile walls, transformer apartments, and super projects like the Elastic Living
So here is a relatively new but similar idea from furniture manufactures. A retractable bed that can turn your studio apartment into a bedroom and back with one hand motion. It’s like a Murphy’d bed only it retracts to the ceiling and not the wall. It frees up the space whenever it is up and allows for more areas in the apartment.



There are quite a few manufacturers who’ve already offering such beds. LiftBed is a fabulous German brand that we liked the most so far. Their bed is modern and minimalistic. It’s floating being supported and moved up and down thanks to a sleek structure support whithin which the mechanism is hidden. The built=in lights make for a nice sleep-inducing ambient lighting that will also illuminate the alternate area.

Voga Liftbed

Liftbed by Voga 

Voga liftbed is another option on the market. It allows maximizing of storage space and doesn’t require furniture to be moved from underneath it even when it’s lowered. This way you get all the necessary living areas in one tiny block of space, which is very handy for those living in shoebox apartments.


BedUp by Décadrages

BedUp is a creation of a French manufacturer Décadrages. It comes with built-in shelving to maximize storage space. As you can see with BedUp you don’t have to free up the space underneath, which would be problematic for any small-spaced home.

Ceiling beds are great in all respects. Since the lifting mechanism is controlled by remote and not a spring as in a Murphy bed, it’s safer. It’s also better than a loft bed in terms of overhead space, which in case with a ceiling bed isn’t obstructed or blocked as it is often the case with loft beds, especially in low ceiling homes.

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