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Gothic and Rock-n-Roll from Philipp Plein

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Furniture under the Philipp Plein brand won the hearts of a huge number of fans worldwide. Philipp Plein brand exists on the border between high fashion and rock and roll. Furniture and items from Plein are shocking by abundance of black, gloss, and controversial characters. He is loved by movie stars, models and musicians around the world.

Gothic and Rock-n-Roll in Furniture Design from Philipp Plein

Philipp Plein's Home Furniture Collection

Philipp Plein’s Home Furniture Collection

Philipp Plein began furniture design from creating a comfortable and beautiful chair for his dog. Friends of the young designer liked his invention and made some orders for similar furniture item to their pets. And Plain opened his business without hesitation. He started making furniture for the house by hand and on order.

He paid special attention to details and manual work, believing that no machine can ever create something that is created by the hand of a master. He remains faithful to this principle to this day, marking each piece of furniture with painting and a special number, which guarantees the uniqueness of the work and its quality.

Home Furniture Collection by Philipp Plein includes all the main elements of the interior: a line of kitchen furniture, living rooms, bedrooms, accessories and light, as well as a special series for the garden. The key element of Philipp Plein ‘s style is uncompromising combination of leather and color. To create furniture he uses skin, which is painted in the most unexpected colors. For example, exotic animal prints are complemented with the gold or silver colors. Brutality of the finish is diluted with laconic forms. In the home furniture collection simple geometry lines prevail.

Accessories by Philipp Plein are also notable. Here the designer is also uncompromising in finding combinations and not respecting the rules. For example, he catchy covers silver paint and leather trims on weights for sports or chair for a dog. Philipp Plein’s design is not for everyone, but it is quite impossible not to pay attention to it. Philipp Plein creates furniture for those, who share his principles of life: going against the rules, loves fashion and are not limited in their desires.

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