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Furniture Inspired by Cornices and Moldings

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Young British designer Lee Broom looks like a classic London dandy (as one would say a hundred years ago), or metrosexual (as they call this type of man in megacities now), but he is still young, he is growing and looking for his place in the world. Therefore, we can’t say that Lee is a furniture designer. He is engaged in design in different directions. His collection of furniture called Architrave, which he put on the London Design Festival in September last year, is his almost the first major collection.

Architrave: Furniture Inspired by Cornices and Moldings

Coffee table from Architrave collection by Lee Broom

Coffee table from Architrave collection by Lee Broom

However, Lee Broom made ​​people talk about him, and in a positive context, despite the brevity and simplicity of the presented collection. Architrave, according to the designer, was inspired by memories of his life in a college dorm, where he often liked to meditate on the interior of the room in which he lived, when mentally distracted from studying the curriculum. Shadow transitions created by white cornices and moldings were especially memorable for the guy.

And those cornices and moldings inspired him to choose such shapes and colors and make the furniture of severe forms, white outside, and silver-gray inside. Lightness and monochrome in the interior is no longer the hallmark of homes in London. A large number of immigrants from southern Europe and Asia, brought bright colors to British interiors. But indigenous Briton Lee Broom is not one of those, who love bright colors. In any case, his other projects (not furniture) are as monochrome and “cold” as his Architrave collection.

Lee Broom believes that such light colors have a nice relaxing effect on the human (remember, he was inspired, recalling minutes of relaxation in college dorm room). This furniture in the interior can serve well as installation for room ventilation. Jury of London Design Festival With also agreed with the designer – Architrave collection won first prize from the Association of British furniture makers HEAL’S HERITAGE. Heal’s branded factory contracted with Lee to launch production of this furniture collection.

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