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Elastic Living: Six Rooms in One

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This year Clei company that is known for its original models of transforming furniture celebrates its 50th anniversary. The anniversary was marked by creation of original designs – Elastic Living, a new system of organization of living space and Ecooking kitchen.

Elastic Living System: New Approach to Living Space

Elastic Living system designed by Angelo Roventa for Clei

Elastic Living system designed by Angelo Roventa for Clei

Elastic Living system invented by designer Angelo Roventa consists of modular elements, which are equipped and furnished in accordance with the functionality of the original mini-rooms. The modules are compiled together but at a certain distance from each other. Each module is provided with a handle by which it can be easily moved along the slideways.

Elastic Living consists of 6 rooms that can fit into one. There are two slideways, which are used to move the modules. The modules are 6 blocks with different sets of furniture, each of which is a separate room. By moving the first block, the room becomes a living room with a bookcase, a TV, and a sofa. By moving the second unit, the same space becomes a bedroom. It contains a folding bed fixed to the moving wall, and a built-in wardrobe. When you move the third block you see a children’s room, which is also compactly removed to make a room for the bathroom with a bio toilet.

With this design, you can put all your rooms into even a small area: living room, kitchen, office, nursery, gym, etc. However, there is a small complication: while opening one “room”, you narrow the other one. This should be remembered when planning the order of modules. On the other hand, this drawback of the system may result in a plus: the hosts of the space can change the yardage of their “rooms”, making them wider or narrower.

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  1. Louella Woodham Says:

    This is a pretty ingenious idea, but I can definitely see it causing problems when 1 person wants to sleep and another wants to stay up late to work (or if you had kids). Still, I can appreciate the uniqueness of the design and how it works.

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