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Original Furniture with Tricks

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Designers surprise us with unusual, creative works. Special attention of sophisticated connoisseurs of modern design is drawn to the furniture industry. Here, the designers do not see any boundaries. Moreover, some of them blur these boundaries on purpose. And so, looking at one piece of furniture, you can see something else. Let’s look at the furniture that surprises with its mimicking qualities.

Imitation: Original Furniture with Tricks

Canvas Chairs by YOY

Canvas Chairs by YOY

Non-soft furniture from Ruskasa

Designers from Ruskasa, Taiwanese design bureau, bow to the advantages of natural wood and are doing everything possible to outline it.

While creating a recent collection of benches called RU-ST007, they chose a non-standard way to draw attention to the beauty of the material. They skillfully carved seat so that at first glance it seems that benches are upholstered with quilted fabric with small round buttons.

On closer examination it becomes clear that the seat is made ​​of a single piece of turned wood, veins of which play in the light. Similar trick was done by the designers while creating a chair RU-LC002, which “pretends” that its seat was woven with leather or rattan.

All the furniture in Ruskasa is made by hand. And not only thread is an important step, but also a long and careful polishing of items. So the masters reach ideal smoothness and natural luster of wood without the use of any chemical additives.

Magic LED Bulbs

Experiments with optical illusions do not go out of fashion: now it concerns not just wallpaper and fabrics, but also lamps. Designers from Cheha came up with the lights that mimic the three-dimensional image.

Table lamps from the Bulbing collection represent a flat shape made of mesh of LEDs. The figure is done so that when the lamp is lit, it looks like a three-dimensional image.

The Bulbing collection includes several models of table lamps in the form of the skull, base incandescent lamps and balloons. Thanks to simple technology such lamps can be made using almost any image.

They perfectly fit into the interior of a child or teen room, as well as help to create a mood or turn into an art object on the terrace or in the dining room.

Painted Canvas Chairs

Canvas Chairs collection from the duo of young designers YOY looks like a series of graphic paintings depicting classic furniture set, covered with silk cloth and decorated with carved wood accents. But, oddly enough, from a practical point of view, the canvases are pieces of furniture.

Thus, you can easily sit down on the painted chairs or two-seater sofa. The only functional disadvantage of the collection is that this uncomplicated design operates only if the canvas stands against the wall.

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