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IKEA PS 2014: Furniture in Constant Motion

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IKEA PS 2014 is a collection of designer furniture and furnishings for mobile people. Creative leader of the IKEA PS 2014 collection is Henrik Most Nielsen. He developed the concept of the new collection and selected the designers for the project.

7 Most Interesting Furniture Items from IKEA PS 2014

Storage table from IKEA PS 2014 collection

Storage table from IKEA PS 2014 collection

The main task of the designers was to create the most functional interior for small apartments. A key focus of the collection is on mobile objects, that are easy to move around the apartment; and angular elements, allowing maximum use of the space.

15 designers from around the world were invited to work for the collection. They have worked together with the regular IKEA designers.

Corner Easy Chair

Designer Ebba Strandmark from Sweden proposed a new perspective on everyday furniture. We are often faced with a dilemma of what to buy: a sofa or an armchair for the living room? What to put in the corner of the bedroom: a chair or a stool? Ebba offers a simple, but ingenious, solution: an angular high-backed chair. This chair will fit in the corner of any room and allow you to get maximum benefit from previously vacant space.

Side table with light

Another functional piece of furniture is a side table with light. While creating this table, a Polish designer Tomek Rygalik was inspired by hybrid furniture, which was popular in Poland 50 years ago. According to the designer, such hybrid furniture allows you to get maximum benefit from the available space. The table allows charging of mobile phone, and equipped with a storage space for magazines and light for reading.

Pendant lamp

Swedish designer, working in Shanghai, David Wahl, spied the idea of ​​this pendant light in science fiction movies. The idea is simple: by opening and closing the light, you can adjust the lighting in the room and play with unusual shapes of light and shadow. You no longer need to adjust the light by wall switches. You just need to pull the cord. Thanks to its original design, the lamp seems to hover in the air and will decorate any room.

Storage table

This bright table with storage compartments resembles a real robot-transformer. This multifunctional table will cope with any task. It is easy to move around the room, disassemble the elements and can be used as a dresser, a table for a laptop, a serving table and a tray.

Folding table

We used to see sliding tables-transformers in a range of dining groups. But designer Mathias Hahn decided to experiment a bit and developed a folding table. As he says, he wanted to create something like a podium for the daily affairs, such as working, cooking, friendly conversations.

Corner cabinet

Japanese minimalism is seen in the corner cabinet designed by a Tokyo designer Keiji Ashizawa. Compact and spacious cabinet will fit in the corner of any room and bring comfort, allowing you to save the room in perfect order.

Wall shelf with 11 knobs

At first glance, this shelf-ladder seems an unusual and amusing object, reminiscent of summer and garden. But looking more closely, you realize that it will fit into the interior of the hallway, bedroom, kitchen or living room. Thanks to its original design, this shelf can serve as supports for planters, and shelves for storage of shoes or accessories.

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