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Delicious Pieces of Furniture In Shape of Your Favorite Foods

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Furniture shaped after people’s favorite foods like pizza, cupcakes, and bananas is certainly something unusual to have in the interior. And while it doesn’t always look fitting, it surely does make a statement. Foodies and groumets may appreciate the view but will they be able to resist the temptation of eating those same foods when their models are constantly on display?

Delicious Furniture Shaped as Food

Cupcake stools by Boggy Chan

Cupcake Stools

If you liked Matteo Bianchi’s muffin pouffe you’d most definitely like the Cupcake Stools and a Biscuit Table by Boggy Chan. Made with attention to texture and detail these make for a sweetest breakfast nook furniture that is both functional and interesting.

Biscuit table by Boggy Cgan

Biscuit Table

These look mouth-watering because they look quite real, but what would you say about these Cream and Bigne Poufs by Diego Maria Gugliermetto? So realistic and delicious-looking it hurts.

Cream Poufs by Diego Maria Gugliermetto

Cream Poufs

Bigne Poufs by Diego Maria Gugliermetto

Bigne Poufs

Cioccosofà Chocolate Sofa by Diego Maria Gugliermetto

Cioccosofà Chocolate Sofa

If you’re more into chocolate though, there is a treat for you too. The Cioccosofà Chocolate Sofa by same designer looks like a chocolate bar with square little sections that make the handles and throw pillows. And there’s also a modular chocolate bar like daybed from designer Iris Koser who turned an aluminum wrapper into a table/blanket. Genius!

The Chocholate Furniture by Iris Koser

The Chocolate Furniture

Designer Kristin Orvebeck went a more subtle road to create her sweets-inspired collection of stools. This candy-covered stool is a great example of making furniture food-inspired without replicating it.

Sugar pearl candy stool by Kristin Overbeck

Candy Stool

Ice cream bench

Ice Cream Bench

This might just be the most expensive ice cream sandwich ($950 from Jellio) you might ever buy but there is a good chance for you to enjoy it almost indefinitely.

Finally, when looking at all that food furniture it becomes clear that the best foods to make into functional furnishing pieces are sweets. Pizza and hamburgers are too messy or difficult to do good, whereas cupcakes, cookies, and even ice-cream sandwiches look much more appealing in the form of chairs, tables, and even accessories like pillows.

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