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Rocking Chairs for Adults

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Each adult is still a child deep in his heart, who loves to play, have fun, feel childish joy and delight. Probably one of the most favorite activities for children is swinging on the swings. And even when children grow up and become adults, they still love to swing. Since adults can not afford to relax and swing freely on the swings at the playground, designers come up with rocking chairs for home use.

Three Rocking Chairs for Adults

Cradle Wheelchair by Richard Clarkson

Cradle Wheelchair by Richard Clarkson

Cradle Wheelchair by Richard Clarkson

New Zealander Richard Clarkson invented the rocking chair called Cradle, which looks like a giant cradle of hemispherical shape.

Working on the project, members of the Clarkson design studio devoted much time to the study autism and rhythmic movement disorders in children. Due to the verified design and high-quality materials, the chair will help patients with these diseases to relax as well as just any tired person.

Another goal of the designer was to use only eco-friendly materials. Removable padding is made of natural cotton canvas, which is processed with dirt-repellent solution based on plant components. Inside the pillows there is pure New Zealand wool, and wood surfaces are covered with natural wax. Even the glue used to fasten wooden parts, is non-toxic and anti-allergenic.

Monster by Konstantin Bolimond

Russian designer Konstantin Bolimond invented a quite childish rocking chair called Monster. It offers a radical look at the materialization of our fears with a smile.

All of us as a child were afraid of the dark and creepy monsters, getting out at night from under the bed. The designer remembered them, working on the collection of these rocking chairs.

The collection should have a therapeutic effect. It gives you the opportunity to play with your unconscious, to look at childhood memories with a smile, and even ride on them.

Rocking chair for two by Chloe De La Chase

French designer Chloe De La Chase based her design on the structure of the Victorian chair, devised for intimate conversations and exchange of court gossip. She established its modern version and called it Double View bench.

The name speaks for itself. Two back double wooden benches are easily rearranged so that the sitting people are face to face or side by side. In fact, in both cases they are as close as possible to each other. The designer slightly improved the design of the classic tete-a-tete chair, using the arc for the Double View bench instead of legs, and turned the bench in double rocking chair.

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