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Easy Cooking With ChopChop Kitchen

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Less messy, more fun. Industrial designer Dirk Biotto has created a new ultimate multifunctional product – ChopChop Kitchen. His work is inspired by every day household problems with a focus on how handling things can be improved and interpreted in new ways. This kitchen unit was made for people who love cooking and don’t want to deal with cluttered kitchens, for those who don’t have enough space in apartments for a big full-sized kitchen. It consists of two hyper-functional workbenches, one for preparing the meal and one for cleaning up. But mostly it was made for elderly and disabled people, for whom preparing their meals is a struggle they have to deal with every day.

ChopChop: A Multifunctional Kitchen Unit


ChopChop kitchen was made to provide help in working in the kitchen and preparing daily meals. It is also great if you have two cooks in the kitchen. ChopChop has a back-wall peg board that can be customized to hold any utensils and supplies that you need. Another awesome feature is that the workbenches can make one surface that can be used as a long cutting board with a built-in grater and a collection drawer underneath.

The frame allows you to adjust ChopChop’s height to fit your  body height perfectly thanks to its interlocking steel tubes. The backplate offers plenty of space to hang your mostly used kitchen utensils, keeping them visible, easily accessible, and ready to use. The extendable hose lets you fill up your vessels without heavy lifting or carrying.

This is something really functional to have around in a small apartment. It’s not only compact but very useful and has a stylish design.

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