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Space-Saving Ideas: Transformer Apartments

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‘Transformer’ apartments have become quate popular latetly as they allow having more areas in one room. A transformer apartment always features more than meets the eye. A sofa is turning into bed while the storage wall includes a folding desk that doubles as an eating table. Sounds like a cool futuristic abode, doesn’t it? So how do these space-saving apartments work?

Transformer Apartment Trend

Space-Saving Ideas: 'Transformer' Apartments

Transformer apartments can be quite small but effective as they can include not only basic amenities but also entertainment and work areas. Thanks to specially built furniture and custom architecture such apartments can house a living room, a home office, a bedroom, a kitchen and a dining room in one single room.

Transforming Furniture

Transforming furniture is a real space-saver. It can be a sofa that transforms into a living room furniture set or a wardrobe with a built-in Murphy bed. A few such items can definitely provide a small apartment with multiple furnishing options and areas in a single room.

A simple folding table or chair can also become a great addition to the room that can also be removed any moment and free some space for other activities or areas.

Space-Saving Ideas: 'Transformer' Apartments

Slot sofa by Matthew Pauk


Certain architectural details provide with another effective method of making the most of any living space. Think retractable walls, doors, and dividing box-shaped structures for kitchens, libraries, and storage.

There is also a concept of a transformer apartment featuring a mechanical system that swaps and hides areas with a push of a button.

Shoebox apartments definitely would benefit from the ‘transformer style’ since it gives more flexibility and space to the tiny homes that often lack mere living areas because bed occupies most of the room.

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