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Fancy Chairs Reminiscent of Other Objects

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Chair is a compulsory subject in almost any interior. But it should not necessarily look like a chair. The main thing is that it was comfortable to sit in. Let us show you three unusual and amazing chairs that will decorate any modern interior. They resemble very different things, which sometimes are quite far from looking like furniture. And that’s what makes them interesting.

Fancy Chair Designs Reminiscent of Other Objects

FirstCall, phone-shaped chair

FirstCall, phone-shaped chair 

FirstCall, phone-shaped chair

Have you ever dreamed about your own “island” ? Would you like to have a secluded place, where you could enjoy serenity and hide from the everyday hustle and bustle, and household chores? The Dutch designer Ruud Van de Wier made ​​something that might interest you – a phone-shaped chair.

FirstCall was created to take care of your privacy. Its shape allows you to hide among the soft pillows and literally isolate yourself from the outside world.

If you need to choose the color, it’s not a problem. The designer offers 32 colors to choose from. Moreover, the same chair can be made in multiple colors at once.

Cageling, romantic chair

Ontwerpduo has created a truly romantic piece of furniture – a hanging chair in shape of a birdcage, called Cageling. As planned by the designers, this piece of furniture shows the illusory idea of ​​human freedom, because somehow we all are restricted by numerous conventions of life. Therefore, each of us is pushing the boundaries of his own cage.

The chair is available in any color. It will decorate not only home interiors, but will also be ideal for decoration of shop windows and other commercial premises.

Usit, stepladder chair

As practice shows, stepladder is a very important thing in a house. It is very useful, when you have to get warm clothes from the top shelf, wipe off the dust from the cabinet, climb for a thing on “distant” mezzanine, and in many other cases. However, many of us keep a stepladder in their pantries.

The reason for that is they often have unprepossessing appearance and, frankly, they are too heavy. Dutch designer Maarten Olden has realized the seriousness of the situation and created a very good stepladder chair Usit.

Now you have a wonderful folding chair in the kitchen, hallway or in any other room, which, if desired, will perform the function of a small stepladder. Usit is a chair with two faces in the unfolded form – the bottom “step” and the upper “seat”. Due to humble design, the Usit chair will be appropriate in almost any interior.

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