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Apartment With Mobile Walls

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This cool modern apartment features a clever design from KC Design Studio resembling the transformer apartments that help make the most of small living space. KC Design Studio created two pivot room walls/dividers for the interior that look like and serve as walls but can be moved back and forth to change the space division. For instance, one of the partitions can divide the living room and eat-in kitchen or can unite them.

Interiors With Mobile Walls

Apartment With Mobile Walls

Small apartment by KC Design Studio

The second partition that looks like a full-size wall divides bedroom from the study but it can also be moved to the side to create one big room. Thus the apartment can easily be divided into zones when necessary as well as stay open and airy making a mobile wall an ultimate solution to privacy and open plan issues.

Apartment With Mobile Walls

Small apartment by Cut Architectures

Another stellar example of an apartment with moving walls is Cut Architectures’ project for a dancer and choreographer client. A wheel-equipped perforated partition is divided into folds so that it can spread from wall to wall or divide the room only partially.

Thanks to the French doors and perforations in the mobile wall the light still seeps into the interior in the form of beautiful small lit spheres making for simple but amazing effect.

Mobile walls in the interior are key elements for transformer living spaces as they aren’t as mechanically dependent as transforming floors or ceilings but they still allow dividing and uniting space whenver it is needed or desired. Mobility also allows you to change up layout just for the fun of it since permanent partitions cannot be taken aside when a more spacious room is required.

Take a look at the smart design and layout of this modern apartment and share your thoughts with us.

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