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    Sometimes it’s simply fun to decorate without any practical reason. Interior entry and doorway decor isn’t particularly functional or mandatory but it surely makes things much more interesting. Decorating Interior Doorways

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  • Alicia Keys Lists 5.4 Acre Mansion in New Jersey

    Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz are selling their 5.4 acre Jersey mansion they bought five years ago from Eddie Murphy in favor of an even bigger house. Peek Inside Alicia Keys’ New Jersey Mansion

  • Ceiling Beds For Small Spaced Homes

    So remember all those unusual ideas for small spaces we’ve written about? Like mobile walls, transformer apartments, and super projects like the Elastic LivingMobile Bed For Small Spaces

  • Chicago Church Converted Into Home

    Church conversions never cease to amaze. Here is another example of a church making amazing family home. Chicago Church Conversion

  • IROJE KHM Architects’ Exciting Angular Buildings

    We here at Interiorholic appreciate interesting unsual architecture. So to continue the topic of new interesting architecture we’d like to introduce IROJE KHM Architects, Exciting Angular Buildings

  • How To Use Large Driftwood In Decor

    There is something about untreated (almost untreated) naturally shaped wood pieces that is both elegant and raw. They are gorgeous simply as they and they make for great base for home decorations, furniture, and accessories.  Driftwood In Decor

  • 10 New Strange & Interesting Architectural Projects In The World

    The reader asked me to do a part two for our 10 Most Bizarre Building in The World post featuring more recent buildings, so I decided to mix it up and add something new and exciting, not completely bizarre necessarily (cause those are pretty rare) but strange and interesting all the same. Some of these projects will only be completed in a few years and some were finished as long as last year. I hope you enjoy this post as much as our previous architecture tops.

    Strange & Interesting Architectural Projects

    Dior Boutique in Seoul by by Peter Marino and Christian Portzamparc

    Dior boutique in Seoul by Peter Marino and Christian Portzamparc 

    Peter Marino and Christian Portzamparc have designed an interesting luxury building for Dior’s boutique in Seoul. A six-storey building features an exquisite white exterior that like petals of flower encloses a more modern glazed structure giving the building an overall aura of mystery and luxury.

    Casa Atlântica by Zaha Hadid

    Casa Atlântica by Zaha Hadid

    Zaha Hadid has unveiled a new project in Brazil – an apartment building that looks like a futuristic spine, which is very much in the architect’s style. Casa Atlântica that is going to be 41.5 meters high will have 11 storeys elegantly squeezed inbetween two other buildings in in Rio de Janeiro.

    Moon Hoon by Jang Dukhyun, Park Jngwook

    Moon Hoon by Jang Dukhyun, Park Jungwook

    Moon Hoon is a project of a design team Jang Dukhyun, and Park Jungwook has been completed this year and consists of two buildings that form sort of a full moon with their concaving structures. The client wanted a building to feel private and relaxed for public to enjoy coffee and art.

    Hnads Headquarters by THE_SYSTEM LAB

    HANDS Corporation Headquarters by THE_SYSTEM LAB

    This amazing office building was built in 2014 by THE_SYSTEM LAB in Seoul and actually looks different from any angle. Beside its interesting open structure it also has a peculiar shape for when you look from the side it seems more uneven than when you look straight at it.

     Messner Mountain Museum Corones by Zaha Hadid

    Messner Mountain Museum Corones by Zaha Hadid

    Zaha Hadid does it again as she is completing a mountain museum for a famous climber Reinhold Messner. The building is set into the Alpine peak Mount Kronplatz with only a few of its features protruding from the sides. That hovering balcony is probably one of the best places to enjoy mountain vistas from.

    City Theater by UNStudio

    Theater by UNStudio

    This city theater was proposed to a city of Den Bosch, Netherlands by UNStudio and will now replace Theater aan de Parade. The building is subtle in its unconventional-ness with its uneven parts loosely clinging to each other but an even more interesting thing about this project is that it was chosen by people who have given 57% of their votes for the design.

    Sonnenhof by J Mayer H Architects

    Sonnenhof by J Mayer H Architects

    Color is a sort of thing that’s more interior-y than architecture-y but J Mayer H Architects managed to design a housing and office complex that works on a contrast of black and white. Consisting of four buildings the complex creates an inner yard with benches and some vegetation.

    Le Roc Canteen  by D'Houndt+Bajart

    Le Roc Canteen by D’Houndt+Bajart 

    Designed by D’Houndt+Bajart this peculiar building is a canteen for kids that attend neigbouring school and kindergarten. Built in a style of a mountain rock the building’s main body’s resting on numerous white-painted thin columns, which the architects wanted to shape after wood (trees).

    Amethyst Hotel by  NL architects

    Amethyst Hotel by NL Architects

    This one’s strangest of all. Inspired by the amethyst NL Artitects proposed for a chain hotel. The amethyst’s famous crystaline features are translated into the facade of the building providing windows for hotel rooms.

    Of course, these buildings aren’t that shocking but are rather more exquisite and subtle in their strangeness and peculiarity. Some are simply interesting and eye-catching. There is no provocation or actual challenge of all the architectural rules and standards but there are definitely passion and love in these projects.

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  • Drawn Interior Design Elements

    Sometimes an interior just doesn’t seem to have that special something to make it truly special. It can be that it’s too simple or too slick in its modern minimalizm. And when you can’t rebuild it or buy it that’s when the drawn on elements come to help. Drawn Elements in Interior Design

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