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3 Modern House Facades That Combine Old With The New

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Many modern houses don’t have much of a facade. Big windows, simple shapes and clean lines take priority over ornate exteriors but these three homes combine parts of old architecture with new contemporary elements, which makes for an interesting sight. Many modern architects like to preserve the historical or simply old structures and get creative with extensions, additions, and details.

DKO Architecture house in Melbourne

DKO Architecture have outfitted an old building structure with a very modern perforated black box that peeks out from behind the brick walls. The apartment buildings includes a few apartments filled with natural light thanks to the many openings and big windows and also features greenery on the roof. The contrast between old and new is really stark but both of the structures work great together.

House facade in Mumbai

S+PSARCHITECTS created a facade for this Mumbai house by recycling old doors and windows. The difference in window frames and door designs doesn’t take away from aesthetics neither from the outside nor from the interior. The facade is also outlined with metal and a side screen and there’s even a balcony-like blue cube among glass double doors and colored glass windows.

Rocco Valentini restoration

Rocco Valentini has restored this 19th century villa and mill and added a corten and glass extension to link the two together. Thanks to big window inserts in the structure the house gets lots of natural lighting while the interior features same old historical brick.

What do you think about these old/new facades?

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