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Fish Scale Tiles In Different Interior Designs

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Fish scale tiles are trendy and it’s not surprising. They are pretty and fun and may not only come in ceramic, but can also be found in a form of wallpaper, furniture fronts, and other wall coverings. Fish scale showers look amazing and even a fish scale bathroom feature wall will give it special appeal. But you can also use this tyle of tiles to spruce up your kitchen, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a backsplash.

Fish Scale Tiled Interiors

Fish scale kitchen backsplash

Fish scale walls can work in the living room, in the bedroom, the kid’s room, and even in a modern office or cafe (or a shop). Wallpaper comes in different colors and wall coverings add exceptional texture to the walls.

They may seem specific but fish scales are actually pretty versatile. The furniture fronts are really great at turning basic plain Ikea pieces into designer-like furniture and fish scales add a playful touch to it.

Fish scale bath

Even floors can be clad in fish scales. They actually look very unique and unexpectedly fresh that way. If you want your bathroom to be different, scale floor tiles is definitely a way to go. Anyone can do walls.

Fish scale floors

Also, fish scale tiles aren’t just ceramic. You can find them made in marble, metal, and glass, so you have plenty of choice when it comes to finish, texture, and color.

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