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Loft Sixty Four by EVA architecten Used To Be A Workshop

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Located on the streets of ‘s-Hertogenbosch in southern Netherlands this cute house used to be a workshop back in 19th century. Today its name is Loft Sixty-Four and it was designed by an Utrecht studio EVA architecten. This 2152 sq ft (200 sq m) home is a slim two-storey abode filled with natural lighting thanks to framed windows that outline the entry, huge windows on the second floor, and skylights. The white interior is filled with exposed brick walls and wooden elements, metallic frames and sleek modern furnishings.

One of the most intriguing parts of the interior design is a bathroom glass wall that opens up the room to the staircase that greets the entering guests and hovers over the living area divided with a wooden wall divider/TV wall from the rest of the space. Another peculiar element is a chicken wire fence that matches the style of a metal staircase but looks completely unexpected.

Loft Sixty Four Used To Be A Workshop

Loft Sixty Four

Loft Sixty Four hallway

Loft Sixty Four living area

Loft Sixty Four hall

Loft Sixty Four stair box

Loft Sixty Four

Loft Sixty Four bath

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