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5 Kitchen Ideas For Modern Home

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Kitchens are constantly evolving and more often than not an open layout in modern homes requires more style from this functional area.  Well, if you are lost and overwhelmed by the abundance of options, here are the most recent and stylish kithen ideas to get inspired by.

Glazed Upper Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets

While you can cut back kitchen cost on the lower simpler cabinets make the upper the focus with intricate design. Also glazed cabinets look better in small spaces.

Metallic Lights

Metal lights

These give a kitchen some special charm. Although you may opt for other accents like appliances, decorative planters and fruit bowls, or even hanging pots and pans.

Stylish Blinds

Kitchen blinds

Stylish Roman blinds for that kitchen window can make a tasteful and eye-catchy accent or even become a focus point of the room.

Designer Colors

IKEA kitchen

Simply white or natural wood or even lacquered kitchen cabinets can look pretty dated and old-fashioned. Go for modern, rich colors that would reflect your style and personality. If you want a light airy kithen opt out of plain white and go for ivory, alabaster, grey white, and eggshell instead. It’s also a great way to make your budget kitchen cabinets look much more expensive.

No Ordinary Layout

Unusual kitchen layout

Kitchens can be of any size and shape today. It all depends on space you have and your preferences. You may forgo upper cabinets and opt for floating shelves or customize your cabinets to each of your kitchen walls. Custom-built kitchens work best for small and awkward spaces that cannot accomodate a ready-made design. Besides you have more control on number of cabinets and other functions you want in your kitchen.

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