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Benn+Penna Designed Kitchen That Extends Outdoors

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Benn+Penna have designed a small house in Sydney adding a peculiar detail to it – an extended kitchen that expands into a small courtyard equipped with a BBQ stove and a wooden bench. The minimalist interior design translates outdoors. There are a couple of potted trees that make for a clean look and echo the rooftop garden.

The light wooden cabinets extend out the folding glass door seamlessly and the bench is built into them to marry all the elements together. The indoor kitchen also includes a dining area but all the tech is built into or clad in light wood.

The white color scheme makes a backyard a continuation of the indoor space albeit the light wooden floors are only limited to the interior.

Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen By Benn+Penna

Benn+Penna kitchen

Benn+Penna interior design

Benn+Penna kitchen

Benn+Penna kitchen

Benn+Penna Backyard

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