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Kitchen Feature: Niche Shelves

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If you are tired of cabinets and want your kitchen to have a little more air and space it’s time to look for unconventional ideas beyond the kitchen catalogues and pre-built designs. A modern kitchen can look really different from your average cabinet-based design and yet be quite functional. One of the features for the ultra-modern kitchen is a niche shelf that while may be a bit less convenient than overhead cabinets but is a great alternative to said cabinets.

kitchen shelf

A side wall nich shelf can be used for storing spices, condiments, and various cooking supplies as well as display some tableware. It is also a great solution for a kitchen with a big window that doesn’t allow for overhead storage space.

There are also many other ways and purposes to incorporate a niche shelf into your kitchen design. You could add it to your backsplash to have the spices at hand’s reach or use it for display on an empty wall.

Kitchens without top cabinets are getting more and more popular and you can see why. They are airy and have a more individualistic look to them. You can use floating shelves to display china or glassware or you can take advantage of your kitchen window and let it take center stage instead of lining it up with cabinets.

Niche Shelves Make For Airy Kitchen Design

Wall niche shelf

Niche shelves

Kitchen shelves

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