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Ideas For Pet-Friendly Interior Design

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Interior design isn’t always built with pets in mind and their furniture comes in as an afterthought, which isn’t bad but if you’re living in tighter space it can take up precious square feet. Built-in pet beds, cages and litter boxes are not simply practical. They can visually organize space by preventing small pet furniture cluttering the house and show some love to furry little ones.

Pet bowls are my pet peeve (no pun intended). They get messy and pets can easily knock them over. In built-in cabinets it doesn’t happen and the area around the bowls can be easily kept neat and clean.

Pet-friendly furniture can also solve an ugly cat litter box problem. And not only your cat will appreciate some more privacy the litter box cabinet can also double as a pet bed.

Pet-Friendly Interior Designs

Pet cabinet

Cat cabinet

Dog cabinet

Dog compartment

Pet bowls

Pet cage

Built-in dog cage

Dog in a built-in compartment

Built-in dog bed

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