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Cat Furniture by Stefan Hofmann

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Many pet owners say that the real boss in their house is none other than their beloved pet. This is true about cats in particular.German designer Stefan Hofmann has optimized the space of all his house for these flexible and full of play pets, turning it into a haven for his cats.

Furniture Complex for Cats by Stefan Hofmann

Goldtatze, modular furniture system for cats by Stefan Hofmann

Goldtatze, modular furniture system for cats by Stefan Hofmann

A modular system Goldtatze is a complete set of furniture for cats, which takes at least an entire room: shelves, baskets, corridors, beds, and more.

The designer has built a track with length of a mile, which made ​​his cats happy. He has furnished the area that resembles a safari park with his own hands. Stefan Hofmann said that when he decided to buy a cat, he was very worried because he read many posts about scratch posts and cat toys.

But the problem only grew bigger when he decided to increase his cat family. And in order to improve the lives of his beloved cats, he decided to build a complex with obstacles. Now the playground takes his living room. Stefan says that his mission was to organize a stimulating environment for ​​his cats. And it has been fully completed.

Cats are very fond of their home and are always busy zipping around from obstacle to obstacle and spending all their energy. Before I built a playground, they tore pillows, scratched my curtains and it was really bad. I knew I had to find something to occupy them, and quickly. Otherwise I would have to give them up, and I did not want that to happen,” Stefan says.

According to Stefan Hofmann, the cats feel comfortable in conditions that resemble natural ones. So his pets furniture is in no way inferior to natural materials. All kinds of furniture, from hanging tracks to the tables are made ​​of wood. Scratching posts and pads are also made of natural fibers.

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