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13 Kitchens With Vintage Elements

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It’s easy to incorporate a vintage furniture piece into kitchen. Anything from an armoire to a post office drawer can be used as a kitchen island or cabinet storage. Reclaimed wood can too give your kitchen a vintage look. Distressed doors and windows will give it a shabby chic touch, but if you don’t have a budget for the furnishings a vintage sign and pendant lights will do the trick.

Vintage storage

An old post office drawer can really save you a lot on a kitchen island or bottom cabinets. You won’t be able to store big things in them but you can use top cabinets or shelves for that.

And if you cannot get your hands on some truly vintage furniture a vintage door for your pantry or kitchen itself might be enough to inject that vintage feel to your design.

Vintage pantrydoor

White neutrals work well with untreated vintage or reclaimed wood and simple square tiles accentuate the vintage style. To make your kitchen feel even older go with vintage scales, containers, kettle, and dishes.

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