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Green Kitchen Design Ideas For Spring

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It’s almost Spring and soon the streets will drown in greenery. It will also be great time to start your spring cleaning and remodeling. If green is your color there are many amazing ways to make your green kitchen stylish and glamorous.

While emerald green is always a beautiful choice (especially paired with brass accents), khaki or olive green will give your kitchen a bit of a rustic look, so if you want it to be more luxurious pay attention to lights. Here the star-shaped pendants make a world of difference by adding a touch of glamour to the practial shade of green.

Star-shaped kitchen lights

Unusual green shades like grey-based dark green will make for a dramatic effect whether you have cabinets or you paint the walls.

Two-toned kitchens are very much in right now, but you can take it further combining monochromatic and two-toned trends into one kitchen unusual design.

When it comes to machines and hardware, stainless steel and brass are great materials to go with green as are copper and bronze. Black and white tiles and marble would work for flooring and backsplash.

Monochromatic kitchen

Green Kitchen Ideas

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