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Off With Ugly Radiators, It’s Time to Bring Style to Heating

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Old radiators can be a sight to see for all the wrong reasons. They are often bulky and honestly pretty ugly. Even the modern ones can be a bit too plastic and utilitarian-looking, so if you want your heating system to really blend with your interior design, you should dedicate more time to choosing the right one.

Bring Style to Heating With Designer Radiators

Radiator mirror

CNM Online have a wide range of designer radiators that will either blend with the wall or like the vertebrae-shaped Esher radiator below will add an unexpected accent to your decor.

Radiators today aren’t simply cast iron. They are offered in aluminum, mild steel, and stainless steel each of which offers its own advantages and drawbacks. For instance, stainless steel doesn’t rust and heats up well but it isn’t cheap, whereas, mild steel comes at lower costs but is prone to corrosion. Finally, aluminum is not only highly cost-efficient in terms of energy consumption, it’s also non-corrosive and easy to install, and it doesn’t seem to have any major drawbacks.

You can now also get dizzy from a wide variety of shapes, styles, and even colors in which radiators are offered. But not all of them are thin and vertical. Some are sculptural and artistic while others are asymmetrical and futuristic.

Esher radiator

The great thing about designer radiators is that you don’t have to hide them anymore. Sure, there are radiator covers, screens, and various decorating tricks for hiding these bulky things, but you don’t need all that when your radiator looks like an artwork or a good old mirror.

Before investing in a designer radiator, make sure it fits not only with your style but also the area. A tall vertical design can look a bit bulky still if your room is too small, although vertical lines can really add length to your ceiling height, while a built-in mirror can visually enhance small spaces.

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